23 Magic Potion Clipart Images

This set of 23 magic potion clipart images is totally free and super fun to design with! Each potion bottle comes in a magical watercolor design. Downloading is easy, just check the instructions below. Then come back and tell me what you have created, I can’t wait! Also, be sure to leave a comment letting me know which clipart bundles you’d like to see in the future!

How to download the magic potion clipart

Downloading is easy and designing is even easier! Follow these steps to get started with your new set of magic clipart images. 


  1. Click the download button that says “download magic potion clipart” below. 
  2. Go to wherever your downloads are. 
  3. Unzip the file. 
  4. Save the folder of 23 PNGS images somewhere safe on your device. 
  5. Import into your favorite design program, or just drag and drop the clipart images!

Making larger or higher-quality images

With everything I create for this website, I try to be super mindful of how much space the files will take up on your device and I generally design with the hobbyist in mind. If you need larger images or higher-quality images for print or commercial purposes, I recommend using a website that can upscale images. My favorite to use is Nightmareai, but you can use any of the many out there. Keep in mind this will make your file size much larger and take up more space on your device. 

Ways to use the magical potion clipart

You can find so many different ways to use and design with this magic potion clipart set! I will list a few of my favorites!

  • Use them as digital stickers in your digital planner (my favorite app to use is Goodnotes). 
  • To design a magical birthday (see below!) or Halloween invitation. 
  •  To create party decor for your next magical event. 
  • Setting up or decorating your spell books or journals. 
  • Crafting of any type. 

I created a free birthday card printable as an example of something fun you could make with these fun magic potion images! Feel free to download it and check out the rest of the birthday card printables while you’re at it!  

have a magical birthday card printable

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