13 Magic Wand Clipart Images

One of today’s freebies is the set of 13 magical wand clipart images that comes in a beautiful watercolor theme! You can download the clipart set and use the magic wands in your next magical design project!

Things to make with magic wand clipart

  • Invitations and Cards: Design captivating invitations for magical-themed parties or create whimsical greeting cards using magic wand clipart as the focal point.
  • Digital Art: Incorporate magic wand clipart into digital illustrations, and fantasy-themed designs.
  • Educational Materials: Enhance educational resources by using magic wand clipart to illustrate concepts related to magic, fairy tales, or the supernatural.
  • Social Media Graphics: Sprinkle a touch of magic into your social media posts by adding magic wand clipart to your graphics, creating eye-catching and shareable content.
  • Crafts and DIY Projects: Print and cut out magic wand clipart to create enchanting bookmarks, stickers, or even to decorate party favors.
  • Scrapbooking: Embellish scrapbook pages with magic wand clipart, adding a dash of whimsy to your cherished memories.
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How to download the magic wand clipart

All you need to do to start creating with the magic wand clipart is download the zip file by clicking on the button below! Once you download the zip file, unzip it and you will find the 12 PNG images of magic wand clipart. 

From there, you save your images to your device and start designing by importing or dragging and dropping the images you would like to use in your favorite design program. 

free watercolor magic wand clipart

Upscaling clipart and other artwork

I always try to keep file sizes as small as possible, but if you need larger or higher-quality images, you can always use a free upscale website. My favorite is Nightmareai, but you can choose any of the many great ones out there. Keep in mind this increases the file size! 

You can either upload any of the magic wand clipart images as they are, or you can do your design first and then upscale the whole project. 

Other free clipart sets

Our collection of free clipart bundles is growing every single week (sometimes every day). So be sure to use the menu above to navigate all of our free clipart. I recommend making a Spec on a Speck folder on your device and creating folders that correspond with the menu labels. That way you can keep all of our free clipart and other resources handy and organized.

I also always recommend bookmarking the pages you like best so you can come back often and check for new designs!

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