Printable 2023 Calendar Templates

Step into the new year with these 12 dated printable 2023 calendar templates! All you have to do is click the download button and the PDF is yours to print whenever and wherever you need! 

If you’d rather use blank undated calendars, we have those too! You can use those for the year 2023 and every year after. You just have to print and fill in the dates!

What You Get With Your Download

Your download includes one 12-page PDF. The following pages includes are:

  • January 2023 calendar template. 
  • February 2023 calendar template.
  • March 2023 calendar template.
  • April 2023 calendar template.
  • May 2023 calendar template.
  • June 2023 calendar template.
  • July 2023 calendar template.
  • August 2023 calendar template.
  • September 2023 calendar template.
  • October 2023 calendar template.
  • November 2023 calendar template.
  • December 2023 calendar template.
floral calendar on a desktop with the words may 2023 at the top

How to Use Your Printable Calendars

  • Click the “download printable 2023 calendar templates” under the picture below. 
  • Save the 2023 calendar file to your desktop or another device. 
  • Print the page you need each month and fill out your important events or dates! 
12 calendars with flowers and the dates of the year written

Other Printable Calendars

We have pages for both dated and undated blank calendars! Both are great, it just really depends on your needs! Dated calendars mean you get to just print and go while blank calendar templates mean you get to have a little more creativity while also using a design that you like over and over each month for 2023 AND every year after! 

Dated Calendar templates

I try to add as many designs each month as I can so there is always something to fit your style. Be sure to leave comments on your favorites or let me know if there is a particular design you have in mind! 

January 2023 written in green at the top of a stars calendar

Undated Blank Calendar templates

I’m always trying to add to the undated blank calendar collection because I know how it is to get bored with a design and want to change it depending on my mood! Check back every now and then and you’ll be sure to find a new design! 

5 blank calendar templates in different designs

Year at a Glance for 2023

Looking to have all the dates of 2023 in one easy year at a glance? Download one for free below! These types of calendars are great for planning because you don’t have to flip through a bunch of pages when you need a quick day and date!

calendar with all the months on one page laying on a pink desk

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