Free Printable Reward Chart

This free printable reward chart is a fun way to get the kids involved and reward positive behavior!

We have plenty of other reward charts and chore charts if this one isn’t what you’re looking for. Check the bottom of the page for links to other fun designs.  

How to Download Your Free Printable Reward Chart

  • Click the download button under the photo of the reward chart below. 
  • Go to the folder on your device that holds your downloads. 
  • Open the PDF file and print at home or a local print shop. 
  • Fill out the tasks. 
  • Pick a reward and goal number of points. 
  • Keep track of each point earned. 
  • At the end of the week  see if the earned points is more than the goal. 
  • Enjoy reward!
Fun tip- you can laminate your reward chart so you can use the same one over and over each week!

Other Printable Reward Charts and Chore Charts

If you are looking for other reward chart designs we have a whole page dedicated just for them! Head of over and check them out.

Here are a few examples of what you will find. 

Be sure to bookmarks the page so you can come back every so often to look at our new fun designs. 

Printable Reward Chart

Looking for other fun digital downloads?

Our free printable reward charts are just a tiny portion of all the free items here at Spec on a Speck! 

Our wallpapers are a fun place to start if you’re wondering what else we have! They also come with free folder icons! 

Feel free to check them out and leave any suggestions if you have them! 

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