Printable Lined Paper PDF

Today’s freebie is this printable lined paper PDF! Four different color pages are included in this set!

How to download your printable lined paper PDF

  1. Scroll down to the download button and click. 
  2. Go to your downloads. 
  3. Save the printable lined paper PDF to your device or could. 
  4. Print whenever you need some lined paper! 
printable lined paper pdf

Other Printable Lined Paper PDFs

We have an entire page dedicated to lined paper printables! See below for some examples and head on over and download whichever ones you like! Be sure to bookmark the page and check back for new designs and updates! 

Cute stars and dots lined paper template

Different ways to use your lined paper PDF

The ways to use printable lined paper are seemingly limitless, but then sometimes when we go to sit down and write with our pretty new paper, we draw a blank. Here are a few of my favorite ways to use printable lined paper PDFs!


1. Journaling

Journaling is a great writing exercise and it can be good for our mental health, too! Sit down every morning and night and do a little journaling and see how if it’s something you like. 

One of my absolute favorite things to do is to print out some printable lined paper and journal about all of the things I am grateful for! 

2. To-do lists

If you’ve been around this website a while you may have picked up on my slight obsession with to-do lists. I have plenty of them already made if that’s more your style, but there’s just something special about using a freshly printed lined piece of paper and creating your own to-do list.

3. Project planning

Have a project and scared you’re going to forget everything you’re holing in your brain? Print out your lined paper PDF and start planning! 

4. Write down your dreams

Have you ever tried to tell someone about a wild dream you had only to have forgotten it completely? Print out a piece of lined paper and leave it on your nightstand so you’re ready to record your dreams! 

5. Grocery list

Use printable lined paper on the fridge or on the counter so you can jot down things you need for your next grocery run

Printable To-Do Lists

To Do List Templates

Looking to go digital?

As I’ve said many many times before on this blog, printables hold a special place in my heart, BUT I also love digital journaling, digital note-taking, and… well, all things digital. 

If this sounds like something you’d like to check out, head over to our digital notebooks and digital planners. That way you can do the same thing you would on printable lined paper, but on your iPad or tablet!

Digital Journal

Looking for free desktop wallpapers?

After printing your printable lined paper head on over and check out my free desktop wallpapers with matching folder icons! They are a fun way to liven up your desktop while helping to keep you organized! 

Printable Aesthetic Bookmarks

Since you’ll already have the printer out for your new free lined paper PDF, you might as well print some other free stuff while you’re at it. 

These adorable aesthetic bookmarks are great gifts for your family, friends, and yourself! 

Take it a step further and laminate them to make them last longer!

More Than Just Printables

Printables aren’t the only free items we have! Take a peek at all the tabs above for more fun free stuff. 

Here is an example of some of the other free items we have. These are digital Christmas card templates that you can edit and send FOR FREE this holiday season. 

You can personalize with you messages, photos, names, and more! Check them out and then head on over and check out the digital birthday templates!

Digital Christmas Cards with red and gold elements

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