Pastel Digital Goodnotes Stickers

This adorable set of pastel digital Goodnotes stickers comes with both a Goodnotes sticker sheet and a folder with individual PNGs! You can use these digital stickers in your Goodnotes app or any other digital planning app. Let me know what free digital Goodnotes stickers you would like to see next! 

How To Download The Pastel Digital Goodnotes Stickers

Downloading this set of pastel digital Goodnotes stickers is super easy! All you need to do is click the download button under the photo below. Once you have your files you can choose to either use the Goodnotes sticker sheet (share to Goodnotes) or the PNGs (just drag and drop)!

What's Included

Your download will include one Goodnotes file and one file that has 12 PNGs. 

Pastel digital stickers goodnotes stickers with squares and hearts in six different pastel colors

Other free digital stickers

You can find other Goodnotes freebies in many different places here at Spec on a Speck! Be sure to check out the following sections so you can grab all the good freebies:

Note- All the  digital planning freebies here are made with the Goodnotes app in mind, but I usually include PDFs (for templates and notebooks) and PNGs (for stickers) in addition to the Goodnotes files. This way you can use the freebies in other digital planning apps other than Goodnotes. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! 

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