Free Digital Stickers for Goodnotes – Moon and Stars Vol 4

This is volume 4 of the moon and stars digital stickers for Goodnotes! I love this black theme as it will go with any digital notebook, digital planner, or digital journal. I will leave the instructions below, but be sure to reach out if you have any questions! 

How to download and use the digital stickers

To download this set of moon and stars Goodnotes digital stickers, just click the button below and look for your new stickers in your downloads. 

If you are using the Goodnotes file, share it to the Goodnotes app and use the lasso tool to copy and paste the stickers wherever you would like within the app. 

If you are using the PNGs, just drag and drop them into your digital planning app.

What's included with your download

This download will come with a folder of transparent PNGs as well as a Goodnotes file which comes as a sticker sheet with pre-cropped Goodnotes stickers that you can copy and paste into any Goodnotes notebook, journal, or notebook. 

black stars and moon digital stickers for goodnotes

Other Digital Stickers for Goodnotes

If you are looking for more digital stickers for Goodnotes, definitely check out my free Goodnotes stickers section. Be sure to bookmark the page so you can come back and see new free digital stickers as they come out! 

Here are a few examples of other digital sticker sets you can find! 

Goodnotes Templates

If you are looking for some free Goodnotes templates to go with your free Goodnotes stickers, I have you covered there too! You can find them in my free Goodnotes templates section as well as my monthly Goodnotes freebies section! Check them both out and come back here and let me know what freebies you’d like to see next for your digital planning apps! 

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