15 Free Zinnia Clipart Images

If you love zinnias and are looking for some free flower clipart, you will love this set of 15 gorgeous zinnia clipart images you can use in any design! Whether you want to make some colorful floral birthday cards or need some fun digital stickers to add to your planner, this set is fantastic to keep on your device for any floral-theme project.   

Downloading the free zinnia clipart set

Downloading these zinnia clipart images is super easy and before you know it you will have a folder with 15 zinnia PNGs on your device. 

Instructions for download:

  • Click the “Download Free Zinnia Clipart Bundle” below. 
  • Locate the zip file called “Zinnia Clipart PNGs in your downloads folder and unzip it. 
  • Save the new folder containing the 15 Zinnia clipart images to your computer. 
  • Start designing with your zinnia clipart images by importing them into your design program or by dragging and dropping the PNGs into your design. You can also use them as digital stickers by importing or dragging or dropping them in depending on which digital planner software you are using. 
15 zinnia clipart flowers in different styles and colors

Ways to use the zinnia clipart

As always, I will leave a short list of ways you can use your new zinnia clipart. Feel free to leave your ideas below as well! 

Zinnia projects ideas:

  • Floral DIY crafts: you can use the zinnia clipart in any of your floral crafts. Just print and cut as they are, or make designs in a program like Canva or Affinity Designer to make a printable for your craft project.
  • Greeting cards: I always recommend greeting cards when I have a new set of floral clipart because floral birthday cards and other greeting cards are so popular and so many people love them! 
  • Floral wall art: you can make any kind of floral wall art with these zinnia PNGs by keeping it simple and using them as it or by adding other elements, text, or quotes to your design. 

Upscaling the zinnia clipart images

You can use the zinnia clipart images as-is in any personal project, but I like to try and keep the images fairly small so they don’t take up too much space on your device. If you need to upscale the size and quality of the images so you can use them in commercial projects, you can use a site like Nightmareai to do this. Just keep in mind the amount of space they take up on your device will increase. 

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