33 Free Envelope Clipart Images

This set of envelope clipart images is so adorable and will be the perfect addition to your projects whether you are just looking for some digital stickers to decorate your digital planner, or looking for clipart for your next stationery design!

How to download the envelope clipart images

I will leave the steps for downloading the envelope clipart below so you can start designing or using them in your digital notebook ASAP! 

Download instructions:

  • Click the “Download Free Envelope Clipart Images” below. 
  • Find the zip file in your downloads with the name “Envelope Clipart PNGs.
  • Unzip the file. 
  • Save the folder which has the 33 envelope clipart images to your device. 
  • Start to make your first design using the envelope images or drag and drop them into your favorite digital planner or notebook!
  • Come back and browse through the rest of our free watercolor clipart images and other free clipart!
33 free envelope clipart images

Increasing the size and quality of the envelope clipart

I always try to make sure the images and clipart you download here at Spec on a Speck don’t take up too much space on your device so I size them for DIY and personal project use. If you need the clipart of envelopes or any other images here to be larger or of higher quality you can always use a website like  Nightmareai to do this. Just know this will mean the images take up much more space on your device!

Ways to use the envelope clipart

In this video, I show you one of the many ways you can use the clipart! Feel free to use any of my clipart images to make your own Notion dividers!

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