41 Free Burning Candle Clipart Images

If you are looking for some burning candle clipart images, this set comes with 41 transparent background PNGs, and it’s completely free to use for personal and commercial use! You can find instructions for downloading, ideas for projects, and benefits of upscaling the candle images below.  

Downloading the burning candle clipart images

The instructions for downloading the burning clipart apply to all clipart bundles on our site, so once you are done here, you will be set to download the rest of our hundreds of free clipart images! If you have any ideas for new clipart images or you wold like to add the list of fun project ideas, be sure to do so in the comments below! 

Download the candle clipart:

  • Click the button that says “Download Free Burning Candle Clipart” under the image below.
  •  Locate the zip file in your downloads labeled “Burning Candle PNGs” and unzip it. 
  • Save the folder (which contains all 41 PNGs in one place) to your device.
  •  You can then start designing with the transparent images by either dragging and dropping them into your favorite design program or by importing them into your program. 
  • Come back and share what you have made and be sure to check out the rest of the free clipart images so you can add them to your next project desingns! 
41 different burning candle clipart images in various colors and designs

Project ideas for the burning candle clipart images

I always like to leave some project ideas for all of the clipart sets. If you have any ideas you would like to add to the list I would love to hear them below! 

Project ideas:

  • DIY crafts: you can use the burning candle clipart images to make fun at-home crafts. 
  • Stationery: these candle clipart images make really pretty additions to all different kinds of stationery. You can even make matching sets of writing paper and envelopes. 
  • Junk journals: if you print these candles you can cut them out and use them in your junk journal to add some fun colors and designs. 

Upscaling your candle images

These candle clipart images can be used as is with no issues when used for personal projects. If you need them for commercial printing or other commercial use, you may find it necessary to upscale the size or quality of the images. You can use a website like Nightmareai to upscale your images. Just keep in mind this will increase the amount of space each burning candle clipart image takes up on your device. 

More free clipart

Our collection of free clipart is growing nearly every single day. So if you love having free resources for your designing be sure to bookmark the page and check back often. Also, be sure to check out the menu above as I have the clipart images saved to certain categories to make browsing super easy. For example, this set of burning candle clipart can be found in the free watercolor clipart category. 

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