8 Free Kiwi Clipart Images

This set of 8 kiwi clipart images is the newest bundle in our free fruit clipart category! Once you are done downloading these kiwi images, you can check out the rest of the fruit clipart as well as our entire free food clipart category so you can mix and match and make some yummy designs with all the free clipart!

Ways to use the free kiwi clipart

If you come here often you know I like to leave my favorite ideas for possible projects for each set of clipart. Here is a short list of possible projects you can make with these super fun kiwi clipart images:

  • Recipe cards or menus: you can use the clipart of kiwis to decorate a menu or recipe card! 
  • Healthy eating infographics: you can create infographics about the health benefits of kiwi and other fruits if that’s something your audience is looking for. 
  • Summer-themed designs- kiwi is often associated with summer or tropical themes. You can use the kiwi clipart for any of your summer fun designs! Don’t forget to check out our free summer clipart if you’d like to combine other elements with these!

Downloading the free kiwi clipart

To download the free kiwi clipart just follow the easy instructions below and you will be well on your way to making some fun fruity designs! Be sure to leave a comment if you have any questions! 

Download instructions:

  • Click the “Download free kiwi clipart” button below. 
  • Locate the new zip file in your downloads with the name “Kiwi PNGs” and unzip it. 
  • Save your new folder containing the 8 kiwi clipart images to your device. 
  • Start designing!
8 Kiwi Clipart Images

Increasing size and quality of the kiwi clipart images

I always like to add a little snippet about the opportunity for making your images larger and even higher quality. I make the clipart with the DIY person in mind and don’t want to take up massive space on your devices. The images are great as is for any personal projects, but if you find yourself needing to increase the size or quality of your images for commercial use of any kind, you can use a free website like Nightmareai and upscale your images. Just keep in mind each image that you upscale will take up a lot more space on your device. 

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