17 Free Ocean Waves Clipart Set

What better way to prepare for summer than with this set of free ocean waves clipart?  It’s the first set in our free nature clipart category! You can design all kinds of fun personal and commercial projects with this wave set. I have a more complete list below if you are stuck thinking about what to design next! Be sure to check out the rest of our free clipart sets on your way out! 

How to download the ocean waves clipart

To download this set so you can get straight to deigning your next design with this ocean waves clipart set just follow these few steps:

  • Click on the “Download Ocean Waves” clipart set below. 
  • Find the folder of ocean waves clipart in your downloads (it will be a zip file). 
  • Unzip the zip file and save the folder of 17 PNGs somewhere safely to your device. 
  • Start designing your next ocean project by dragging and dropping the wave PNGs right into your design or by importing them into your design program.
  • Let me know what you make and what you would like to see next! 
17 different ocean waves clipart spread across the page

Ideas for the watercolor wave clipart

The possibilities for designing with this watercolor wave clipart are seemingly endless! I would love to hear how you end up using it in your next design! 

NOTE- check below for tips if you plan on using these for commercial or print purposes. 

  1. Digital Art: Use the clipart to create stunning digital artworks or illustrations inspired by the ocean. Combine waves with other elements like sea creatures, sunsets, or sailboats to enhance the composition.

  2. Stationery: Create customized stationery or greeting cards featuring ocean wave clipart. Use the waves as borders, backgrounds, or as part of the design element.

  3. Posters or Prints: Design eye-catching posters or prints with ocean wave clipart. Add motivational quotes or serene images to create a calming and inspirational atmosphere.

  4. Website or Blog Graphics: Use the ocean wave clipart to design headers, banners, or backgrounds for websites or blogs related to surfing, beach travel, or ocean conservation.

  5. Clothing and Apparel: Create unique patterns or prints for clothing and apparel. Use the ocean wave clipart to design t-shirts, swimwear, or accessories with a beachy or nautical theme.

  6. Home Decor: Incorporate ocean wave clipart into home decor items such as throw pillows, wall art, or bedspreads. The waves can add a refreshing touch to any coastal-inspired interior.

  7. Scrapbooking: Use ocean wave clipart in your scrapbooking projects to enhance beach vacation-themed pages or albums. It can serve as a decorative element or as a background design.

  8. Digital Presentations: Add ocean wave clipart to your digital presentations or slideshows, especially when the topic is related to marine life, coastal environments, or water-related activities.

  9. Educational Materials: Utilize ocean wave clipart to create educational materials for children or classroom resources. Develop worksheets, flashcards, or coloring pages that incorporate waves to teach about the ocean and its ecosystem.

Upscaling your ocean waves clipart

I always try to keep file sizes down, but there may be times when you are working on something other than a personal DIY project. You may want to upscale your images which will give you a larger and higher-quality image. If you decide to do this, just remember your images will take up much more room on your device. My favorite upscale website right now is Nightmareai.

Other free clipart sets

There are quite a few free clipart categories right now and I am working on more! Just use the menu above and check out the “free clipart” tab! You can also browse around and see how I use some of the clipart sets in other designs! Let me know what you’d like to see in our clipart section next!

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