14 Watercolor Lemon Clipart Images

This set of 14 watercolor lemon clipart images is another great addition to your summer clipart and food clipart collection! Once you download the file, all of the images are in one place with transparent backgrounds which means you get to start designing with this lemon clipart right away!

Downloading the watercolor lemon clipart

Downloading this free watercolor lemon clipart set is so easy you’ll be ready to design with the images in minutes! Just follow the instructions below. 


  • Click the “Download Lemon Clipart Set” below. 
  • Find the folder in your downloads (it will be a zip file). 
  • Unzip the file. 
  • The folder contains all 14 images of lemon clipart so you have them all in one place. 
  • Start designing with your 
14 free lemon clipart images

Design to make with watercolor lemon clipart

When I think of lemons I think of all things summer! Here are some fun summer designs I think would be super fun to make with this lemon clipart set!

  • Lemonade stand poster
  • Summer birthday invitation
  • Scrapbook or journal page for summer
  • Meal planner
  • Bright summer to-do list
  • Lemon-themed printable lined paper

Let me know how you used your new clipart of lemons and let me know what you want to see next time you visit our free clipart section! 

Upscaling your images

I try to be mindful of how much space the clipart and other files will take up on your computer or tablet and I generally design with the hobbyist in mind. If you need larger images or higher-quality images for printing purposes or commercial use, I recommend using a site that can upscale images. My favorite site to use is Nightmareai, but you can use any of the many awesome ones out there. Keep in mind this will make your file size much larger and take up more space on your device. 

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