Printable Birthday Coupon Book

This printable birthday coupon book can be downloaded, printed, filled out, and put together in minutes! 

You can make this coupon book as long as you want, and it works for anyone (more color options to come).

Be sure to download and save this 2-page PDF somewhere safe so you can print at anytime. 


How to Download the Printable Birthday Coupon Book

Downloading and printing this coupon book is easy and fast! Just follow these steps:

  • Click the download button below the photo. 
  • Find the 2-page PDF in your downloads folder. 
  • Print the first page once and the second as many times as you need to get the correct number of coupons for your gift. 
  • Cut out the coupons (I highly recommend using a paper trimmer if you have one; otherwise, scissors work just fine. 
  • Fill out the coupons. 
  • From here, you can personalize how you’d like. I like to use a hole punch and some twine (pictured below). 
Birthday coupon book cut out and put together with string

Birthday Coupon Book

Why Use a Printable Coupon Book?

There are SO many fantastic reasons to use printable coupon books. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • FREE! They are free (well, except for your ink and paper). 
  • You can use them over and over for different people!
  • They are personalized. People LOVE personalized gifts. 
  • The gift of your time is priceless! These coupon books give you the opportunity to give someone your time rather than a material gift. 

Birthday Coupon Book Ideas

Of course, you can fill your coupon book with whatever you’d like depending on who the gift is for, but if you’re a little stuck on filling out these coupons, check out the list below:

  • A home-cooked meal.
  • Ice cream date.  
  • Breakfast in bed. 
  • Movie night. 
  • Extra snack. 
  • Day off from work or school. 
  • No chores for the day. 
  • 1-day road trip. 
  • Foot rub. 
  • Night off from cooking. 
  • Afternoon of uninterrupted reading time. 


If you have more ideas, we would love to hear about them below!

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