Printable Reward Chart for Kids

Today’s freebie is this printable reward chart for kids in four different designs! 

We love using reward charts in our home because it gets the kids excited to be involved around the house. It’s also great watching them get excited about their progress on their reward charts!

How to use your printable reward chart for kids

  • Go to the design you like below. 
  • Click the download button under the photo. 
  • Go to your device’s download folder. 
  • Open the PDF. 
  • Go to file then print. 
  •  Print as many as you need whenever you need! 
You can also laminate your reward chart so you can use dry erase markers and reuse each week!

Black and White Reward Reward Chart

This black and white printable reward chart is perfect for little ones who want to color and decorate their reward chart as they go. 

Reward Chart for Kids

Cotton Candy Sky Reward Chart

This cotton candy sky reward chart is a fun way to get the kids involved with doing tasks while working towards an awesome reward! Have your little one fill out the boxes with a marker or buy star stickers from the dollar store! 

Green and Pink Starry Reward Chart

This starry reward chart is fun for the whole family! I even like to use it when I need a little motivation!

Pink, Purple, and Blue Star Reward Chart

Another fun starry reward chart! Have your child color the boxes or use fun stickers to fill them in! 

Looking for more reward charts and chore charts?

We have an entire page dedicated to reward charts and chore charts! Head on over and be sure to bookmark the page so you can see new and exciting designs! 

Printable Reward Chart for Kids

Fun Ideas for Your Printable Reward Chart

Having your child involved in tasks around the house and goals to work towards doesn’t have to be boring! By using this reward chart along with some fun ideas below, your child will love helping out! 

1. Laminate your printable reward chart

If you don’t want to print a copy of your reward chart each week you can just print once and laminate! Then you child can fill it out with a dry erase marker each week and erase it when they are done!

2. Use stickers

Another fun option is to take your child to the store and let them pick out some little stickers. Then they can fill out their reward chart each day by placing stickers on the task they have completed. 

3. Have a reward box

If your child doesn’t know what to choose for a reward you can simply write “a prize from the reward box” and you can have a little box or tote full of fun rewards for your child to choose from. 

4. Involve the whole family

Let each family member choose one of our reward charts and have them fill them out. Put all of the reward charts in one place so everyone can support each other in working for their reward!

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