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Free Printable Lined Paper with Decorative Borders




free printable lined paper with decorative borders

Today’s freebie is this printable lined paper with decorative borders! It comes as a letter-sized PDF so you can download it and print it whenever you need!

How to Print the Lined Paper PDF

Using this printable lined paper with decorative borders is easy! And once you download these, you can head over to our printable lined paper section and do the same for any of the designs you like there!

  • Click the download button under the photo below. 
  • Go to your download files. 
  • Save the PDF wherever you’d like (I recommend making a folder labeled Spec on a Speck to hold all current and future freebies).  
free printable lined paper with decorative borders

Ways to Use Printable Lined Paper

Here are a few of my favorite ways to use this printable lined paper with borders

  • To-do lists. 
  • Grocery lists and meal planning. 
  •  Note-taking. 
  • Journaling. 
  • Gratitude Journaling. 
  • Recipes keeping. 
  • Dream recording. 
  • Practice handwriting. 
  • Planning. 
The possibilities are seemingly limitless when it comes to printable lined paper! Also keep in mind, once you print the paper, you don’t have to leave it as-is! You can 3-hole punch it and keep in in a binder for planning or recipes, you can put the printables on the fridge for the whole family to contribute to, or you can just print one for your office or kitchen counter!

Wrapping Up

I hope this free printable lined paper with decorative rainbow borders comes in handy for you! I’d love to see how you use yours! 

Comment below for different designs you’d like to see with our free printable lined paper PDFs!

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