Digital Journaling With the Free Spec Journal

What is Spec Journaling?

Spec Journaling is a minimally guided paper or digital journaling style created to go along with the Spec Journal or any other paper or digital journal.

What are the daily specs?

The daily specs are a small series of simple prompts go along with your Spec Journal. They are:

  • Word of the day
  • Quote of the day
  • Journal prompt of the day

Each morning, another set of daily specs is added, and the previous day’s specs stay on the page for those who miss a day or those who want some extra inspiration. The image below is an example of what the daily specs look like. You hover your mouse over the box to reveal the word, quote, and journal prompt of the day. Then, you can fill out your journal in the corresponding sections.

Digital Journal

If you happen to be using the Spec Journal, you can click “Speck Journal” in one of three places in the journal, and it will link you right to the Daily Specs page.

Digital Journal

How do I use my Spec Journal for digital journaling?

After you hit download, a zip file containing a PDF version and a Goodnotes version will go to your downloads folder either in your files or somewhere at the top or bottom of your browser. The PDF version will work with most planning apps that allow PDF annotation. The Goodnotes version can be imported directly into Goodnotes via the share option.

Once the journal is in your desired app, you can copy the template pages (see below) as many times as you need and insert them throughout your journal. There are 12 hyperlinked tabs, so they work perfectly for a year of journaling, or you can use them for 12 different projects or subjects. Keep a copy of your journal in your files so you can upload a blank one each year or whenever you need another 12-subject digital journal!

Spec Journal Templates

The original Spec Journal comes with four generic templates and four Spec Journal Templates.

The four generic templates are blank, lined, dotted, and graph pages and can be used for anything your imagination can muster up. They also work great with the upcoming add-ons, which are PNGS that can be copied onto any of the generic pages.

The Spec Journal templates match the Daily Specs and have a section for word of the day, quote of the day, and journal prompt of the day. They come in black and white, or galaxy, and they come with a Spec Journal title and without.

Why digital journaling?

Eventually, there will be both a digital journaling and paper journaling option for Spec Journaling because I do love both. Still, I will list a few benefits of digital journaling for those considering digital journaling for the first time.

  • You can make the journal as big or small as you need and can change your mind later. You don’t have to commit to a fifty-page journal only to realize later you wish you had more room.
  • Your journal will be more secure as it will be on a device that you can back up and put a password on.
  • You can journal anywhere without having to carry your pens and other accessories.
  • No more eraser marks. I know that’s part of the beauty of paper journaling, but being able to undo and redo as many times as you want or need is pretty fantastic.
  • All of your journals for years to come can be in one safe place.
  • You can reuse or copy any of your digital journals over and over.

I hope the Spec Journal brings something good to your life. I am excited to wake up every morning and provide prompts that will somehow connect us all through words. Knowing that multiple people in the world will be writing about similar things but in their own words brings a little smile to my face.

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