Notion Tutorial – How to Customize Template Colors, Fonts, and Sizes

Are you tired of the same dull colors in Notion? I posted a video on YouTube showing you step-by-step instructions on how to customize colors, fonts, and sizes using a free Canva account! Check it out and let me know what you want to see next! 

What's in the Customize Notion tutorial?

I’ll give you a little overview of what you can expect in my Notion customization tutorial video below:

Notion app colors and text styles

I give a brief overview of the current text styles and color options in Notion before getting into how to add any colors and text options you’d like. 

How to make a Canva design for Notion

I show you how to make a Canva design and the correct sizes to use. I go over the backgrounds, colors, text and file sizes. 

How to export for use in Notion

I show you how to export the designs from Canva and how to import into your Notion templates.

Notion Tutorial How to Video

Check out the video and leave a comment letting me know you came from my website! I love hearing from you all! 

Grab the Notion dividers free

If you’d like to grab the set from the video, it’s free in my shop! Feel free to head on over and grab all the free Notion headers then be sure to check out my free Notion templates and free Notion dividers

Free Notion Templates

If you aren’t sure where to start with Notion templates, feel free to check out all of my free Notion templates to get you started! 

Here is a tour of my free meal planner Notion template to give you an idea!

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