16 Free Lake Clipart Images

If you are looking for some lake scenes to add to your next project, this set of 16 free lake clipart images is the perfect addition to your clipart collection! You can add them to greeting cards, stationery, scrapbooks, and more! Don’t forget to check out the rest of our free nature clipart when you are done downloading this beautiful set of lakes!

Ways to use the free lake clipart images

If you have been here before you probably know that I always like to leave some of my favorite project ideas for each of the free clipart sets. If you have any ideas you would like to share that would be awesome, I always love to hear from my readers! 

Lake Clipart project ideas:

  • Greeting cards or birthday cards: use the lake clipart images to make your own DIY greeting cards. Just add the lake images and a birthday wish to your design and you have a beautiful homemade card!
  • Postcard: these lake images are great to add to postcards whether you create the design by hand or digitally. 
  • Outdoor recreation guide: you can create an informative guide about outdoor recreational activities at a specific lake. 
  • Book illustrations: you can add these images to a children’s book or other book designs.

Downloading the free lake clipart images

Downloading the lake clipart images is super easy, just follow the steps below to get the lake PNGs onto your device and you will be ready to design something with a beautiful lake scene in a matter of minutes! 

Download instructions:

  • Click the “Download Free Lake Clipart Images” button below. 
  • Find the folder labeled “Lake Clipart PNGs” in your downloads and unzip it. 
  • Save the folder which contains the 16 lake PNGs to your device. 
  • Make a new design with your new lake clipart images! 
  • Come back to our free clipart page and download all the free clipart you’d like!
16 scenes of lake clipart images

Upscaling the lake clipart

I like to keep all of the free clipart sets here at Spec on a Speck as small as possible so they don’t take up to much space on your device. They work perfectly as-is for personal projects, but if you need your lake images to be larger or of higher quality, you can use a website that upscales your images like Nightmareai. If you do this just be mindful of the fact the images will take up more space on your device after upscaling. 

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