12 Black and White Leaf Clipart PNGs

This set of 12 black and white leaf clipart PNGs is the perfect addition to your fall clipart section. We also have an entire category dedicated to black-and-white clipart because it’s just so fun and versatile to work with. Whether you are wanting to make some coloring pages for yourself or make some fun worksheets for your classroom, this set of adorable leaf images is a must!

Downloading the black and white leaf clipart images

To download this black and white leaf clipart set, just click the button below and they will download right away, no sign-up or anything is required! I will leave the step-by-step instructions if this is your first time!

Download instructions:

  • Click the “Download Black and White Leaf Clipart” images below. 
  • Find the zip file with the name “Black and White Leaves PNGs”. 
  • Unzip the file. 
  • Save the folder containing the 12 black and white leaf clipart images to your computer and start designing your next fall project! 
  • Come back and check out both the black and white clipart, the fall clipart, and the rest of our free clipart collection so you can mix and match and make your own new creations!
12 Black and white leaf clipart PNGs

Ways to use the black and white leaf clipart

  1. Coloring pages: My first thought is always coloring pages with black and white clipart. These black and white leaf clipart images will make some really fun coloring projects for both adults and children! You could print them just as they are or you can arrange the leaves on the page to create a collage coloring page. 
  2. Digital Design: Incorporate the leaf clipart into your digital designs, such as logos, website banners, social media posts, or email newsletters. Arrange the leaves in various patterns or create a border using the clipart.

  3. Stationery: Use the leaf clipart to enhance your stationery items like invitations, greeting cards, or letterheads. 

  4. Scrapbooking: If you enjoy scrapbooking, the leaf clipart can add an elegant touch to your pages. Use them as embellishments, layer them with photographs, or create leafy frames around the pictures.

  5. Home Decor: Print the leaf clipart on quality paper or cardstock and frame it to create wall art. Arrange multiple leaf prints together in a gallery wall or create a centerpiece by placing a large framed leaf print on a mantel or shelf.

  6. Fabric Printing: Transfer the leaf clipart onto fabric using fabric transfer paper or by stenciling. You can create unique patterns on clothing items, tote bags, or pillows.

  7. Educational Materials: Use the leaf clipart in educational materials for children. Incorporate them into worksheets, flashcards, or coloring pages to teach about plants, nature, or seasons.

  8. Crafts: Apply the leaf clipart to various craft projects. Decorate candles, ceramics, or glassware by transferring the clipart onto the surface. You can also use the clipart to create stencils for painting on wood or canvas.

Upscaling the black and white leaf images

Feel free to use a website like Nightmareai to upscale the size and quality of your leaf clipart if you need it for commercial purposes. Otherwise, the clipart will be fine as is for personal DIY projects! 

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