5 Free Dragon Fruit Clipart Images

Do you love dragon fruit? This set of 5 beautiful free dragon fruit clipart images is the next set in our free fruit clipart category! These would make great additions to menu designs, printable meal planners, or any other fun food-related designs! 

Ways to use the dragon fruit clipart images

There are some really fun creative ways to use this set of free dragon fruit clipart images, and I will list a few of my favorite ones, but I would also love to hear from all of you!

Dragon Fruit Clipart Project Ideas:

  • Stationery design: design stationery like printable lined paper, notepads, letterheads, or cards using these dragon fruit to add a nice beautiful touch of color. 
  • Culinary projects: use the dragon fruit images to design projects like recipe cards, meal planners, or menus. 
  • Scrapbooking or crafts: Incorporate the dragon fruit clipart images into various DIY crafts or scrapbooking projects by printing the images and pasting them into your crafts. 

How to download the dragonfruit clipart images

To download this set of free dragon fruit clipart images, follow the easy steps below and you will be designing a beautiful dragon fruit-themed project before you know it. 


  • Click the button below that says “5 Free Dragon Fruit Clipart Images”. 
  • Locate the zip file in your downloads labeled “Dragon Fruit PNGs”.
  • Unzip the file. 
  • Save the folder with the 5 dragon fruit clipart PNGs to your device. 
5 Free Dragon Fruit Clipart Images

Increasing the size and quality of the dragon fruit clipart

I always like to leave a little note letting my readers know that the clipart images are perfect as-is for DIY and personal projects, but I you would like to use them for c commercial printing or other commercial project uses, you may need to use an upscale website to increase the image size and quality. The reason I keep them so small is so they don’t take up too much space on our devices. So be sure to pick and choose which of the dragon fruit clipart images you would like to upscale if device space is a concern for you. 

One of my favorite (currently free) upscale websites is Nightmareai. But feel free to use any upscale website to increase the size of your dragon fruit clipart and any other clipart here at Spec on a Speck for your commercial needs. 

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