18 Christmas Cookie Clipart Images

This set of 18 Christmas cookie clipart images is the next free clipart bundle in our Christmas clipart category! Let me know what kind of fun Christmas projects you make and which type of free clipart bundles you’d like to see in the future. 

Downloading the Christmas Cookie Clipart

To download this set of Christmas cookie clipart just follow the easy-to-follow instructions below then head over and see if there are any other holiday clipart bundles you would like to download!


  • Click the button below that says “Download Christmas Cookie Clipart”.
  • Find the zip folder labeled “Christmas Cookie PNGs” and unzip it. 
  • Save the folder containing the 18 Christmas cooking clipart PNGs to your computer. 
  • Start designing your next Christmas cookie themed design!
18 different christmas cookie clipart images like a snowman, Santa, snowflakes, and more

Ways to use your Christmas cookie clipart PNGs

Festive Recipe Cards: Incorporate the Christmas cookie clipart into printable recipe cards for your favorite holiday cookie recipes. Add clipart images of different cookie shapes and designs to make the recipe cards visually appealing and capture the essence of the holiday season.
Gift Tags and Labels: Use the free Christmas cookie clipart to design adorable gift tags and labels for your homemade cookie gifts. 
Social Media Posts: Create eye-catching social media posts featuring Christmas cookie clipart. Use the clipart to frame photos of your holiday cookies or create fun graphics with cookie-themed designs. 
Baking and Cookie Exchange Invitations: Design invitations for holiday baking sessions or cookie exchange parties using Christmas cookie clipart. 
Festive Blog Graphics: Incorporate Christmas cookie clipart into your blog graphics for holiday-themed blog posts. Use the clipart to create header images, featured images, or illustrations that complement your cookie recipes, baking tips, or holiday entertaining ideas.
Holiday Party Decorations: Print out Christmas cookie clipart and use them as part of your holiday party decorations. Cut out the clipart images and use them to create festive banners, table centerpieces, or place cards. They can add a charming and whimsical touch to your party decor.
Christmas-themed Stationery: Design personalized stationery using Christmas cookie clipart. Incorporate the clipart into letterheads, notecards, or holiday-themed writing paper for sending warm wishes or festive greetings to friends and family during the holiday season.
DIY Ornaments and Crafts: Print out cookie clipart images and use them as templates for creating DIY ornaments or crafts. Trace the clipart onto cardstock or felt, cut out the shapes, and decorate them with glitter, ribbons, or other embellishments. Hang them on your Christmas tree or use them to adorn holiday wreaths or garlands.
Children’s Activity Sheets: Create fun activity sheets for kids featuring Christmas cookie clipart. Design coloring pages, word searches, or connect-the-dots puzzles with cookie-themed illustrations to keep children entertained during the holiday season.

Using an upscale website

I am always trying to make sure all of the clipart and images that I offer here at Spec on a Speck take up as little space as possible on your device because there is SO MUCH. But if you need your Christmas cookie clipart to be larger or to be of higher quality, you can use a website that is specifically for upscaling your images (my current favorite website to do this is Nightmareai). Just keep in mind that doing this will increase the amount of space the Christmas cookie images take up on your device. 

I recommend doing this if you plan on using the clipart for commercial or professional printing purposes. If your plan is to DIY or use the Christmas cookie clipart for personal projects, the images should be perfectly fine to use just as they are! 

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