12 Free Pancake Clipart Images

This set of 12 free pancake clipart images is the newest addition to the free breakfast clipart category! Once you are done checking those out, be sure to head over to the free food clipart category to bulk up your clipart collection for all your DIY and commercial design projects!


Ways to use the free pancake clipart images

There are so many different ways to use clipart images in your designs, but I like to add a few of my favorite ideas for each set just in case you get stuck. I would love to hear your awesome ideas in the comments below. Don’t forget to also leave a comment letting me know what clipart you’d like to see next!

Pancake project ideas using the clipart set:

  • Breakfast party invites: use the pancake clipart to make fun part invitations for your next breakfast or brunch get-together. 
  • Pancake-themed party favors: use the clipart of pancakes to make party favors for a pancake-themed birthday party! You can also add them o the pancake bar for some fun decor.
  • Fun breakfast worksheets for kids: you can design some fun worksheets for kids using these pancake clipart images!
  • Kitchen decor: design some pancake wall art with these fun pancake stacks clipart images!

Downloading the free pancake clipart images

Once you download this set of free pancake clipart images you can start making your next DIY breakfast design asap! I will leave the instructions below, but be sure to reach out if you have any questions or requests. 

Download instructions:

  • Click the “Download the Free Pancake Clipart Set” button below. 
  • Find the zip folder in your downloads. It’s labeled “Pancake Clipart PNGs” and unzip the folder. 
  • Save the folder containing the 12 pancake clipart images to your device and start making your next design by importing or dragging and dropping the images into your design program of choice!
12 stacks of watercolor free pancake clipart images with fruits and syrup and butter

Use an upscale website for larger images

If you are using these pancake clipart images for DIY personal projects, then they should be great as-is, but if you need larger or higher quality images for purposes like printing or commercial projects you may want to upscale your images. This will increase the space the images take up on your device, which is why I try to keep them as small as possible. If you choose to upscale your images, there are plenty of great websites out there to do this for you. I personally use Nightmareai when I need images to be much larger and crisper! 

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