16 Mountain Clipart Images

This set of 16 mountain clipart images will be so fun in your next DIY project! Just check out the instructions for downloading below and you’ll be all set to start designing. Be sure to also take a peek at the rest of our free nature clipart as well as all other sets of free clipart we have. Feel free to download them all and bookmark your favorite pages so you can come back and see new free clipart bundles as they come out. 

Downloading the mountain clipart set

To download this mountain clipart set just follow the simple instructions below. The instructions are the same for all clipart sets so downloading them all is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes! 

Instructions for download:

  • Click the “Download The Mountain Clipart Set” under the image of mountains below. 
  • Find the folder labeled “Mountain Clipart PNGs” in your downloads. Since it is a zip folder you will need to unzip it. 
  • Once unzipped, you will be able to save the folder containing the 16 mountain clipart images to your device. 
  • Start designing by importing the clipart of mountains into your design program. You can also drag and drop t he images into most programs if that is easier! 
16 mountain clipart images

Using an upscale website

All of the clipart and images on the website including this set of mountain clipart are made while keeping in mind the space it will take up on your device. If you need to increase the size of the mountain clipart or any other clipart on the website for print or commercial purposes you may want to use a website like Nightmareai to improve the size and quality. Just keep in mind this means it will take up more space on your device, so if you plan to use them for DIY or personal projects, they should be fine to use as is and will take up minimal space on your computer. 

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