Vintage Birds Clipart

Use these vintage birds clipart images in your next creative project! These adorable birds are the perfect addition to homemade greeting cards, scrapbooks, journal pages, stationery, and more!

Download the Vintage Birds Clipart

Downloading is super easy! All you need to download the zip file and you will get all 19 vintage birds clipart PNGS in one folder! Here is how to download it:

  • Click the “Download vintage birds clipart” button below. 
  • Go to your downloads folder. 
  • Unzip the folder.
  • Save the PNGs somewhere safe so you always have access to them and you can use them over and over! 


a group of vintage birds clipart images

Notes About the Vintage Birds Clipart

Our clipart is made with an effort to keep the file sizes as small as possible so you can download all of our goodies. If you need certain images or clipart to be larger or of higher quality for print or commercial purposes, I recommend a website like Nightmareai or something similar. They will upscale your images for free, but they will take up more space on your device!

Ways to use the vintage bird clipart

There are so many different ways you can use this set of vintage bird clipart! A few of my favorite ways are junk journaling, scrapbooking, homemade greeting cards, and printable stickers! 

Using the PNGs as Goodnotes Stickers

In this quick video I show you how easy it is to drag and drop the PNGs into a digital note-taking app like Goodnotes so you can use them as digital stickers!

Birthday card using the vintage birds clipart set

Here I have made a free printable birthday card as an example of how to use them. You can find the card in our printable birthday card section

front and back of a free vintage bird birthday card printable

Daily planner printable using the vintage birds clipart set

I have also created a daily planner printable using this awesome set of vintage bird clipart. You can download it and see the rest of the free daily planner pages here

daily planner printable with 3 birds in three of the four corners of the page with other daily input sections

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