Digital Christmas Party Invitation Template

Having a Christmas party and don’t want to deal with the hassle of paper invites and addressing envelopes? You’re going to love these digital Christmas party invitations! You can edit and personalize them to your liking. The best part? You can use them again next year and just put in a new date and message! You can also use them for other events. Change the “Christmas” to “Holiday” or “Birthday” or anything you’d like!

What is editable and not editable

Everything on this template is editable EXCEPT for the color of the stars. They can be deleted or replaced with one of the elements in Canva, but the colors (of the stars) cannot be changed. The text, text colors, messages, names, and background color CAN be edited!

What You Get:

  • 1-page PDF with a link to your editable digital Christmas party invitation.

How To Use (please read before purchase):

  • Purchase the file and download your file.
  • Open the PDF file and save it to a safe place.
  • Click the “Access Template” button in your PDF.
  • Click “use template” when the Canva website comes up.
  • Sign up with a free account if you don’t already have one.
  • Change the names, photos, and messages on your digital invitation.
  • Click “share” in the top right corner of Canva.
  • Click “download.”
  • Choose your file type (PNG, PDF, JPG). I recommend a PNG for text.
  • Choose which pages to export if there is more than one template (it’s set to export all of the pages by default).
  • Click “download” again.
  • Send to your recipient.


  • This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT edited by you. No physical items will be sent. You will receive one PDF with a link. This link takes you to Canva (free to sign up), where you can edit your digital Christmas invitation before sending it to loved ones.
  • These digital invitations are NOT meant for printing. They were created specifically to be viewed on a device by text or email.
  • You need a Canva account (the free version is perfect!)


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