$1 Goodnotes Digital notebook #55! See the rest in our new $1 Goodnotes notebooks section!

You can find this notebook in my Goodnotes BIG bundle in the next update! It comes with lifetime access to all future additions of $1 digital notebooks to the bundle!

Inside the downloadable zip file you will find:

  • One PDF file with a customizable length (starting with 20 pages)
  • One Goodnotes file also with 20 pages to start

Your notebooks START as 20 pages, but you make them as long as you need by duplicating the template pages that you want into the sections you need.

Inside your notebook, you can find:

  • 6 divider sections with hyperlinked tabs
  • An index where you can label your section
  • 4 templates (blank, lined, dotted, and grid)


Please note this is a digital file only. NO PHYSICAL ITEMS WILL BE SHIPPED. You can use this notebook in Goodnotes or other PDF annotation apps. Just be sure to check your app takes hyperlinked PDF files.

  • Once you purchase the file, you can download the ZIP file. If you are using an iPad, it will unzip automatically. Otherwise, be sure you can unzip a file.
  • Select either the Goodnotes file or the PDF file and open it.
  • Click the share button.
  • Share to Goodnotes (or other PDF app you may be using)
  • Label your sections.
  • Click on the templates you would like to use then copy and paste them wherever you want in your digital notebook

IF YOU NEED HELP, check out my article How to Use Your Goodnotes Notebook 

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!


Please remember these notebooks are for personal use only.



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