Premium Digital Christmas Party Invitations

 These digital Christmas party invitations can be sent by text or email, so there is no worrying about printing, labeling, and shipping! 

Just edit the templates in Canva (free to sign up) with your names, info, and message, then send them to your recipients electronically like you would a photo. Once you edit your design, there is no limit on who you can send them to and how many you can send!

A Few Notes

  • These are NOT made to be printed. These are sized to fit devices and look best on a screen.
  • Check each individual listing for details on which parts of the templates are editable and which aren’t. Some are 100% editable, while others only allow certain elements to be edited. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! 

Digital Christmas Invitation 3

Black christmas invite on tablet woman holding iPad with Apple Pencil
Black and white with rainbow stars Christmas invite digital

Digital Christmas Invitation 2

red and green christmas party invitation on phone

Digital Christmas Invitation 1

card template displayed on tablet
Digital Christmas Invite displayed on phone with white writing and white christmas tree on green background

Digital Christmas Cards

Looking for digital Christmas cards? Yay! I have those, too! You can add your own photos, messages, names, and more to make your holiday cards personalized while going digital!

navy blue christmas cards viewed on cell phones