10 Free Phone Wallpapers for December 2021

10 Free Phone Wallpapers for December 2021 If you’re looking for some free phone wallpapers for December 2021, you’ve come to the right place! What You Get There are ten free phone wallpapers that come in JPEG format. Just save them to your device and use them whenever you want! Below you will find: Four … Read more

Free Printable Wall Art

Printable Wall Art

Free Printable Wall Art Today’s featured item is the first in a series of hopefully dozens (maybe even hundreds) of free wall art printables. As always, check back often as new designs will be added periodically. What is it? This free printable wall art comes as a one-page PDF file with four mini art prints … Read more

Featured Halloween Printables

Printable Halloween Tags

Featured Halloween Printables Today’s featured items focus on my all-time favorite holiday… Halloween, of course! This article features the Halloween printables I’ve created so far, but definitely check our back periodically as I’ll be adding more to the Halloween printables section throughout the year!  Mini Halloween Printables These mini Halloween printables can be printed on … Read more

Free Printable Bookmarks

Free Printable Bookmarks

There are currently 188 free items here on the site. I admit I’m still working on the best way to organize everything, but I thought I’d start a little series of “featured items” to showcase some of my favorites. Reading is my absolute favorite thing to do, so I figured why not start with the … Read more

How To Make Printables

how to make printables

Learning how to make printables may seem overwhelming, but I promise it’s easier than it seems. With a little guidance and practice, you’ll be on your way! I hope you come back to share your creations and maybe even your own future online printables shop! What are printables? Printables are digital files that can be … Read more

22 Inspirational Quotes To Keep Going

Inspirational Quotes to Keep Going

Sometimes when I need a little motivation to keep moving forward, I like to look to those who have either come before me or those I live amongst here on Earth today. I’ve created a list of some of my favorite inspirational quotes to keep going from these people so I can share them with … Read more

Digital Journaling With the Free Spec Journal

What is Spec Journaling? Spec Journaling is a minimally guided paper or digital journaling style created to go along with the Spec Journal or any other paper or digital journal. What are the daily specs? The daily specs are a small series of simple prompts go along with your Spec Journal. They are: Word of … Read more

How to Get Inspired

how to get inspired

You make your coffee and sit down to make something awesome and… nothing. You know you want to create something awesome, but you don’t know what. This very thing happens to me far too often, and it’s the reason I’ve spent a lot of time researching and trying to discover tips and tricks on how … Read more

6 Benefits of Digital Journaling

Digital Journaling

What is Digital Journaling? Digital journaling is… journaling digitally. That’s all there is. Thanks for stopping by! Kidding. But it’s true. You probably have a pretty good idea of what journaling is, but instead of using a pen and paper, you use a digital device like a tablet or computer. I do a hybrid journal … Read more

31 Ways To Love Yourself

We have thousands of thoughts a day, and quite a few of them are negative. Many of those negative thoughts are about ourselves, which you can probably guess isn’t great for our overall well-being and happiness. Self-love is a great first step to turn those negative thoughts into positive ones. Why is finding ways to … Read more

28 Self-Care Day Checklist Ideas

self-care day

Taking care of ourselves doesn’t always come naturally. It takes time and practice to get over the stigma that self-care is selfish- it’s absolutely not, by the way. I’ve created a self-care day checklist to make the process a little bit easier. What Is Self-Care? Let’s start with what it doesn’t have to be. Complicated. … Read more

10 Gratitude Journal Prompts

Gratitude Journal Prompts

I don’t always use a gratitude journal, but when I do, I notice my perspective shifts just enough to help me through some tough stuff. Having a list of gratitude journal prompts on hand makes it so much easier when I’m in the mood to write in my gratitude journal. Feel free to use our … Read more