Free Digital Birthday Card

Today’s freebie is this digital birthday card template you can personalize in Canva (free to sign up) and send by text or email! 

My favorite part about this template is once you download it, you can use it over and over! Just save the template to your device or your Canva account and change the names and messages before sending. 

How To Edit Your Digital Birthday Card

  • Download the file by clicking the button below.
  • Open the PDF file and save it to a safe place.
  • Click the “Access Templates” button in your PDF.
  • Click “use template” when the Canva website comes up.
  • Sign up with a free account if you don’t already have one.
  • Change the names and messages on your digital birthday card.
  • Click “share” in the top right corner of Canva.
  • Click “download.”
  • Choose your file type (PNG, PDF, JPG). I recommend a PNG for text.
  • Choose which pages to export if there is more than one template (it’s set to export all pages by default).
  • Click “download” again.
  • Send to your recipient.
envelope with flowers illustration on birthday card on cell phone with blue background

Other Free Digital Cards

I am currently working on growing the collection of free and premium digital cards on our site. I’ll list the current free template pages below!

Free Digital Birthday Card Templates

I’ve made an entire page just for free digital birthday card templates and the collection is getting bigger each week! Save the web page to your favorites and come back whenever you need to send a special birthday wish electronically. 

Rainbow gradient happy birthday digital card

Free Digital Christmas Cards

You can find the below digital Christmas card template by clicking the button under the photo. More templates will be added before Christmas, so come back soon! 

I love these digital Christmas cards because they allow you to personalize your Holiday greetings based on who you are sending them to. Maybe one of the templates will work better for your coworkers, while another works better for your family members!

Digital Christmas Cards with red and gold elements

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