Free Printable Graph Paper PDF

This set of free printable graph paper is a little different than most of the printable graph paper templates you can find online right now.

These come with an adorable border to add some color to your notetaking, planning, or whatever else you might be using this PDF for! 

I would love to see how you decide to use these! So feel free to tag me on social media and show me how you end up using them!

What You Get

Your download will include one 7-page PDF with seven different colors of the same graph paper template as pictured above and below. 

Printing Your Graph Paper PDF

Feel free to download this set and print all the pages or whichever ones you’d like to use as you go!

Here is the best way to print the graph paper templates:

  • Click the download button under the photo of the graph paper pages. 
  • Go to your downloads folder. 
  • Save the file somewhere you can easily access it at a later day when you are ready to print more! 
  • Open the PDF. 
  • Go to file then select print and print according to your printer and the setting that fits best. 

Other Graph Paper Designs

This is the first set of printable graph paper on our new graph paper templates page, but hopefully, by the time you read this article, there will be more added to the collection. Be sure to follow the link below and bookmark the page so you never miss a new design!

Other Printables

There are hundreds of free items on this website, and printables make up a large portion of those free files!

You can always check the printables tab above to see all the printables on the site, but for now here are some of my favorites: 

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printable lined paper template with stars and dots

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