Free Printable To Do List PDF

This free printable to-do list PDF comes in five color combos so you can mix and match while adding a little color to your daily tasks! 

Each page is letter-sized (8.5×11) and has two to-do lists per page for you to cut out. 

How To Print Your Printable To Do List PDF

  • Use the download button under the photo below. 
  • Once you’ve clicked the button, go to your downloads. 
  • Go to file, then print. You can print all the pages so you can mix and match your lists, or you can pick your favorite color and just print that page over and over!
  • Once you print your page you can cut out your printable to-do lists! 
  • Laminating is a fun last step if you have the option. That way you can use your printable to do list over and over with dry erase markers!

Laminating Your Printable To-Do List

Laminating your printable to-do list is not necessary, but it saves on paper and ink and is really fun to do! Once it’s laminated you can just reuse it every day with dry erase markers!

What You Get:

You will get one 8.5×11 letter-sized PDF file with five pages! Be sure to save this file somewhere safe you have easy access to it when you want to print new ones. Leave some at home, take some to work or school, or add them to your printable planner!

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