Free Printable Birthday Cards

This week’s featured items are our free printable birthday cards! Forgot to set a birthday reminder? No biggie. Be prepared to tell anyone happy birthday at any time by keeping the file to these printable birthday cards on hand. 

There are currently four different styles to choose from, so feel free to download them all, even if you don’t plan on using them all right now. Then you’ll always be prepared and will never be without a special gift for your loved one’s special day!

These printable cards are a perfect way to wish that special someone a very happy birthday!

Free Printable Birthday Cards
free birthday card printable

What you get with your printable birthday card

  • 1 Page PDF file size 8.5″x11″

  • 2 birthday cards per page (sized 5.5″x4.25″)

How to print your birthday cards

  • Go to our printable birthday cards section.

  • Click the download button under the birthday cards you would like to download (I recommend downloading them all even if you don’t need them right now).

  • Save them to your cloud service, computer, or another device.

  • Print whenever you need!

  • Each file comes with two birthday cards, so cut down the middle and put one away for another occasion.

  • Fold the card templates.

  • Add your own personal touch and put it in an envelope that fits a 5.5″x4.25″ card.

Be sure to check back often for new fun designs! I would love to see your personalized birthday cards and happy birthday wishes!

Not looking for birthday cards?

Of course, we have more than just birthday cards! Check out some other fun options!

Birthday card alternatives - for Him (the perfect birthday ecard)

A different way to say, “Happy Birthday”. These fun printables are kind of like birthday cards… except they’re not! Head over to the article to learn more and download your free copy! 

Free Father's Day Printable

*Tip- Have your little ones fill this out on your tablet or iPad and send it online when printing isn’t an option. It will make the perfect birthday ecard! 

Happy Birthday card alternatives - for Her

We have some for her, too! Tell her, “Happy Birthday” with these fun printables! Head over to the article to download your free copy and learn more! Your little one will love sending birthday wishes in their own way! 

Birthday wishes for everyone

These printable notes that can be filled out by you or your little one make a fun way to give special birthday wishes without giving a regular old birthday card! And you can use these for any special occasion not just for birthday wishes! 

*Tip- If your little one can’t write yet, have them draw a picture and just fill out the names for them!

Last Minute gift printable

Looking for other Greeting Cards?

Merry Christmas Cards

We also have printable Christmas cards! Be sure to check them out! 

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As always, thanks for visiting! I hope you found the perfect birthday card for that special person! Come back often to see what else we have for you! 

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