9 Ways to Brighten Other People’s Day

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On days you think the world could be a little brighter, take matters into your own hands and brighten someone’s day! Here are a few easy ideas. Leave a comment if you have your own ideas to share!

1. Randomly compliment them

Lots of times we see someone’s sweatshirt and think how cool it is, or we watch someone talented from afar without ever verbalizing it. Try to say these things out loud every once in a while. It might mean the world to someone who needs to hear something nice.

2. Lend a helping hand

Maybe someone is flat out asking for help, or maybe you see someone who needs help but is too afraid to ask. Keep an eye out for those who need some assistance and help if you are able. It may take some practice even to notice these situations as we’re oftentimes so busy with our day-to-day lives we don’t see much else.

3. Listen

Sometimes all someone needs is for someone to hear them. You don’t have to have the perfect advice. You don’t need to have advice at all for that matter. Just be there to listen the next time you notice someone needs someone to talk to for a few minutes.

4. Hand them these fun printable lunchbox notes

No email required – Just print, cut, and start handing them out!

5. Bring them snacks

Bring surprise snacks to work or to your next family gathering. It’s especially fun when no one is expecting them!

6. Deliver a homecooked meal

Apparently, food is on my mind. This one is especially great if you know someone recovering from an illness, surgery, or birth!

7. Call them

It might seem like a tiny act of kindness, or not like an act of kindness at all, but some people don’t receive phone calls with everyone texting these days. Take a few minutes and surprise someone with the sound of your voice and a friendly conversation.

8. Take their photo

With permission, of course. Maybe you’re witnessing a family event, and no one has a camera, or maybe a mom you know is always behind the camera and never in the photos. Offering to take a photo might mean more than you know.

9. Smile

Another small but sometimes mighty one. Everyone is so busy and in such a hurry these days. Try making eye contact with someone and just smiling every once in a while. It might be just what the person needs at that moment. Or it might not, but smiling can’t hurt THAT much. So what do you have to lose?

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