6 Ways to Have Small Adventures

I’m sure many of us would travel the world seeking adventure if given the opportunity, but sometimes hopping on a plane on a whim isn’t an option. That doesn’t mean the adventure has to wait, though. I like to keep a list of ideas that I can do almost anywhere for times when I’m feeling stuck in a rut or like I want to do something out of the ordinary.

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1. Go camping

You don’t need a camper to enjoy a night under the stars. Pack a tent and some camping goodies and head to a nearby campground. If a local campground isn’t an option, invite a few friends over, pick up some smores ingredients, and pitch your tent in your backyard. You’d be surprised how much fun this can be once you shake feeling like you’re doing something silly.

2. Walk off the path

I’m not suggesting you trespass or wander into dangerous territory, but walking off the path you normally take definitely counts as an adventure. Walk in the grass, explore the woods, or take a different trail. Do something that shakes up your normal walking routine. If you don’t have a walking routine, now would be a great time to establish one.

3. Hunt for rocks

It’s as easy as it sounds. Set out with a list of certain rocks you’d like to find, or just set out with the goal of finding some interesting rocks. It will possibly take you to new places, or it will at the very least make you see things you otherwise wouldn’t have seen.

4. Visit a new place

Even if it’s in your city or town, find somewhere new to visit. Maybe it’s a restaurant you’ve never tried or a park you’ve never visited. Just make it your goal to go somewhere you’ve never been before.

5. Look at the Stars

Do it from your own front yard, or drive somewhere if you can. Pack some snacks, leave your electronics behind, and get lost in the stars. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, try to find certain stars or constellations.

6. Learn something new

Living in the digital era means being a few clicks away from thousands, or maybe millions of resources with free information. Head over to YouTube and teach yourself how to draw or find an article on how to cross-stitch. You don’t have to go out and get a college degree or teach yourself how to build a car from the ground up (unless you really want to) to learn something new.

You don’t have to wait for more money, the chance to travel abroad, or two weeks off of work to look for adventure. Adventures come in all shapes and sizes. They can present themselves in a busy touristy country or your own backyard. Most importantly, adventure is there whenever you take the time to seek it out.

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